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19,42 EUR*
Details Jesus Christ - Religious Leader (People of Importance)

Jesus Christ - Religious Leader This elegantly illustrated series exhibits fantastic biographical accounts of some of the most important people of all time. The series includes a variety of figures, such as Vincent Van Gogh, Mother Teresa, Sir Isaac ...

11,84 EUR*
Details Moving People: migration and settlement (Geography Focus)

This new series introduces the most important key stage 2 Geographical themes such as saving and recycling resources, the effects of pollution, how we use the land and migration and settlement. It looks at how research is carried out which reinforces ...

11,31 EUR*
Details Henry VIII (History Makers, Band 9)

An engaging first-look at some of the most important and influential people in history. Henry was famous for having six wives and quarelling with the Catholic church. One of our most famous and notorious kings.

18,36 EUR*
Details Google Speaks: Secrets of the World's Greatest Billionaire Entrepreneurs, Sergey Brin and Larry Page

An up-close look at the people and philosophies behind one of the most important new companies of our time Google Speaks is an engaging and informative look at one of the most important companies of the twenty-first century. It reveals the amazing ...

17,37 EUR*
Details Robert F. Scott: British Explorer of the South Pole (People of Importance)

Robert F. Scott - British Explorer This elegantly illustrated series exhibits fantastic biographical accounts of some of the most important people of all time. The series includes a variety of figures, such as Vincent Van Gogh, Mother Teresa, Sir ...

26,00 EUR*
Details Vintage photo of Charlie Chaplin sitting with people.

Size Size of photo 9.4" x 7.2"  Charlie Chaplin was an English actor, comedian, and filmmaker who rose to fame in the silent era. Chaplin became a worldwide icon through his screen persona "the Tramp" and is considered one of the most important ...

14,09 EUR*
Details The Wretched of the Earth

The Wretched of the Earth From one of the most important theorists of revolutionary struggle, colonialism, and racial difference in history comes this brilliant analysis of the psychology of colonized peoples and their path to liberation--now ...

21,40 EUR*
Details The Politics of the Global Oil Industry

The Politics of the Global Oil Industry Introduces the most important aspects of the oil industry and offers cogent and up-to-date information about the countries, companies, and people who shape the contemporary history of oil.

6,49 EUR*
Details Laura Ingalls Wilder (On My Own Biography)

Laura Ingalls Wilder Introducing new readers to some of history's most interesting and important people, these biographies focus on the pivotal episodes that show what kind of person the subject is (or was) and how he or she came to be famous ...

47,49 EUR*
Details Secrets of the Universe: How We Discovered the Cosmos

Secrets of the Universe Renowned astronomer Murdin provides an ambitious and exciting overview of astronomy, conveying for newcomers and aficionados alike the most important discoveries of this science and introducing the many people who made them ...

12,99 EUR*
Details Telling Lies: Clues to Deceit in the Marketplace, Politics, and Marriage

Describes how language, facial expression and posture can be read. This title includes a chapter that highlights the most important behavioural clues to deceit and offers a one-hour self-instructional programme that trains people to observe and ...

13,39 EUR*
Details Big Buts of the Bible: A Book of Exceptional Exceptions

Big Buts of the Bible is a must-read for anyone who wants to study the familiar and not-so-familiar people and stories of Scripture in a fresh way. According to author Jan Thomas, one of the most important words in the Bible is but. So much hinges on ...

19,95 EUR*
Details Lift Every Voice: The History of African American Music (African American History (Rowman & Littlefield))

Since their enslavement in West Africa and transport to plantations of the New World, black people have made music that has been deeply entwined with their religious, community, and individual identities. Music was one of the most important constant ...

24,82 EUR*
Details Towards Identifying the Physiological and Molecular Basis of Drought Tolerance in Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz)

Drought is one of the most important factors limiting crop production in sub-Saharan Africa. This has detrimental effects to the people living in this region, and whose population is increasing more rapidly than their domestic food production ...

21,87 EUR*
Details On Becoming a Living Saint: How I Developed My Own Halo Scientifically and So Can You

On Becoming a Living Saint In this stimulating how-to book, Dr. Dan Swan (D.Engr.) provides an answer to one of life's most important questions, which people have pondered and sought answers for over thousands of years, "How in the world does one ...

17,82 EUR*
Details The Six Fundamentals of Success: The Rules for Getting It Right for Yourself and Your Organization

The Six Fundamentals of Success Everyone has his or her own style at work. But if you look at the people who are successful, you'll see similarities. They always do the most important things first--they know how to prioritize. They can sum up how ...

22,71 EUR*
Details Greetings in the Lord: Early Christians in the Oxyrhynchus Papyri: Christian Identity and the Oxyrhynchus Papyri (Harvard Theological Studies, Band 60)

This is the first book-length study on Christians in the ancient Egyptian city of Oxyrhynchus, the site where some of the most important and oldest fragments of early Christian books were unearthed.Bringing the people in dry papyrus letters and ...

14,30 EUR*
Details 9 Things You Simply Must Do to Succeed in Love and Life: A Psychologist Learns from His Patients What Really Works and What Doesn't

Many years of counseling have enabled Dr. Henry Cloud to observe people trying to work out the most important issues of life: relationships, career, fulfillment, meaning, pain, hurt, loss, despair, and addictions. If we sincerely want to "get life ...